Rox has been singing all her life. She was born singing the blues. She can rock out everything from Etta James to Guns n Roses. This chic’s voice leaves you feeling powerful and ready to let loose on a saturday night!  As a little chic, she was always standing in front of a curtain, singing with a hairbrush to Whitney Houston, Lynard Skynard and Joan Jett….. we’re still wondering when she’ll stop singing into the hairbrush 🙂

She can sing the blues, rock, country rock and even those oldies. Rox will blow you away! She loves to perform and the crowd is always asking for more. When you hear her sing, you will experience the Jagged Highway.


Troy Drexler has a very colorful background of many different styles of music. He has played Dixieland music with The Dixie Lunch Band and Polka, Waltz and Big Band style music with The Old Lager Orchestra. Troy moved on to 50’s & 60’s and Country music with the very popular Dusty Roads Band for many years which played throughout central Wisconsin. After taking a few years off for family, he then played with a Gospel group called Water to Wine. With all this music genius he took his skills to a whole level and started Jagged Highway.














Tom Richards is one of the founding members of Jagged Highway. He’s an all around talented musician.  In 1966, he was playing violin in the Waukesha Youth Orchestra. In ’67 he was gigging with Shades of Blue and Highway Man. Being the mover and shaker that he is, 1968-1970 were the years of college gigs with Factory. Once the age of family kicked in, Tom put aside the gigs and raised his kids, who are now musicians themselves. Then the chance presented itself, Tomcat joined Rox and Troy to create Jagged Highway.  He may be a quiet person, but his music speaks volumes.















Jim Kendall is our Bass Guitarist, and newest member of Jagged Highway. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 13, and to this day, never set it down. A self taught musician, he is proficient in acoustic and electric guitars as well as his true love… Bass. Jim is passionate about his music, and is the self proclaimed, “Balls” of the band. He enjoys all genres of music, and has performed with a wide variety of acts from both California and Wisconsin, especially throughout his college years. He took a hiatus while raising his family, and in October of 2015, he got the itch to play live, and discovered Jagged Highway. The rest is history. He has found his new calling.















Crystal Star and The Magic Man are still working on their Bio….. to be continued. Ha Ha




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